What do you need to protect yourself from UV's this summer? SUNSCREEN

Yes, summer will eventually be here and I want to remind you (even in this in between rainy phase) of a few tips for surviving the upcoming UV's.

The NUMBER ONE thing to remember is SUNSCREEN. It may seem obvious but lets see what makes a sunscreen actually WORK. When choosing your sunscreen there are a few things to look for: Chemical VS. Physical ingredients.

Chemical ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone, parabens, homosalate, octinoxate, etc. If these are the active ingredients you will know that you have a chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens degrade in the sun (quickly), they are toxic to your skin and to the environment, they can cause hormone disruptions, some of them can even be linked to infertility and other health concerns. 

YOU WANT a physical sunscreen. So flip your bottle over and check the active ingredients. I want you to see Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. Zinc is an amazing ingredient found naturally (not made by harmful chemicals). It can assist with lowering inflammation, can help prevent skin cancer, prevents bacterial infections (often found in baby bum rash cream to heal a rash), helps prevent aging, and can promote healing of sensitive skin. Titanium dioxide also found naturally protects against UVA and UVB and is little to no risk of sensitivity.  

With a good physical sunscreen you will want to make sure you "rub it on", yes, even the spray sunscreens to allow it to penetrate the levels needed for protection. With physical sunscreens its hard to rub them in completely (you may look 3 shades lighter than you are) but you will be PROTECTED from the damage the sun can do! Also (even with physical sunscreens) you will need to reapply as directed for maximum protection.

OK NOW. What if you have SPF in your makeup? It is not as effective as wearing sunscreen, that is a fact. It would take almost 14x the normal amount of powdered makeup and you would need 7x the amount of foundation used to get the desired amount of SPF. So if you think your doing yourself a favor by buying an all in one, maybe go for a tinted SUNSCREEN instead of makeup with SPF.

If you cannot afford a proffessional quality sunscreen from your friendly esthetician (like me) that is OK, I have found one that is a great alternative and it can be found at Shopko and Walmart (and probably other locations too)!  Now this is just my favorite right now, I am certainly not saying that this is the only kind to purchase at your grocery store. Also SPF 30 or above is recommended. SPF 30 will certainly do the job but I went with these ones for the higher amounts of Zinc Oxide. 

I love the mineral sunscreen stick (baby) for quick application on my kiddos sweet faces. The mineral sunscreen stick is "pediatrician tested", free of active chemical sunscreens and water resistant (80 minutes). The stick active ingredients: ZINC OXIDE 20%.

The mineral sunscreen spray is also free of active chemical sunscreens and water resistant (80 minutes). You will still want to RUB THIS ONE IN to your skin after you spray it on, it is a little "heavy" but smells great and works amazingly. Active ingredients: TITANIUM DIOXIDE: 8% and ZINC OXIDE: 12%. 

If you want a skin care consultation (free of charge) or help looking through your at home  products to check for harmful ingredients, find me at Salmon Valley Aesthetics in Salmon ID. You can also send me messages on facebook.com/salmonvalleyaesthetics or instagram @salmonvalleyaesthetics if you have questions. I am more than happy to help!