Cosmetic products VS Pharmaceutical grade products

First off, there is a HUGE difference between cosmetic products and pharmaceutical grade products. As a licensed skin care professional, I am able to provide my clients products that work!

Cosmetic products, on the other hand... These are products you would get from a local store or somewhere similar (not from a LICENSED professional). Cosmetic products do not penetrate the skin past the top layer *epidermis and the reason a lot of the time is that they often times contain as many preservatives as active ingredients. Just because cosmetics/skin care says "clinically proven, tested, dermatologist-tested" be cautious... They are not required to prove efficacy of their claims and the "special active ingredients". The active ingredients in cosmetic products just have to be on the ingredient list (its not required to be towards the top of the list). The companies that sell these products are allowed to "cite studies" of ingredients used, this means that the formula doesnt technically have to prove that it works and is safe but can contain ingredients that may be active.

PHARMACEUTICAL products from your licensed professionals are applied topically and penetrate through the epidermis to the dermis. These products affect the functions and structure of the skin. Pharmaceutical grade products undergo rigorous testing that can take 10+ years! These products are required to be 99% pure as opposed to the cosmetic products that are only required to be 70% pure. With these pharm. products you also have help from a licensed professional that has been trained about skin types, problems, disorders, pigmentation, aging, acne, etc. Most professionals also continue their education with their license frequently to offer you the best advice for you and YOUR skin health in mind.