Your skin & your hormones.

Of course you know hormones play a huge part in your skin right?

In both men and women, testosterone is the primary hormone that affects acne by over stimulating the sebaceous glands, increasing the sebum production causing inflammation in the skin and acne. 

Now it is the Testosterone or Androgen hormone in both men and women but it presents at different times and the science behind it is slightly different. Ill break it down. 

Men, at their peak age of puberty (15-17) will have an increase in testosterone causing changes, like acne, for the sake of staying on topic.

For women its slightly more complicated. During puberty when estrogen goes up there is also a rise in testosterone causing changes including acne. Then when we look at women who are pre-menopausal we will see estrogen decrease significantly and the androgenic hormone, also known as DHEA (which is made in the adrenal glands) will stay at the same levels, which in turn means that the androgenic hormone is the dominant hormone at that time. That would explain increase in facial hair production, skin changes including acne and changes in the skin thickness. 

Estrogen and Testosterone are also the reason our skin has a certain level of "thickness". Women who are menopausal may notice during menopause (around 40-50 years old) that their skin will begin to thin as estrogen levels decrease. Men will also have an "andropause" where they will go through changes (like the thinning of skin) but it will happen much later, usually around 70 years old.

Estrogen in women can also cause pigmentation issues. You may have heard of this one, during pregnancy your estrogen levels may rise causing pigmentation on the skin known as Melasma. This pigmentation may show up on the cheeks, forehead, chin, etc. You may also notice if you are taking oral contraceptives that there is also an increase in estrogen which can result in the same Melasma skin condition. 

Ok, now I know that is a lot of information, you are also probably not as interested in these strange facts as much as I am BUT if you have any concerns about your skin and would like to know if it could be related to hormones, come see me at Salmon Valley Aesthetics. Consultations are always free!