Why am I breaking out when I just started a new skin care line???

When using a new skin care line of any kind it can take some time for your skin to balance out and do what it is expected with the new products. If you start breaking out when starting a new skin care line, your skin may be "purging".

What the heck is purging?? Sometimes you cant tell but you may have clogged "underground" pimples and when you are "purging" they will make their way to the surface and cause a breakout. 

In general those microcomedones (underground pimples) can take up to two whole months to surface but when you start using a skin care line (acne or not) it will speed up the skin cell turnover rates and they will surface quicker. 

How can you tell if your new skin care line is causing sensitivities or if you are just purging?

If you have a "breakout" within a few days-weeks of using new products that are known to stimulate the skin cells and increase the turnover rate, it may very well be purging. HOWEVER, if your skin is itchy, red, puffy, irritated you may have a sensitivity to the new products. If this is happening please see your esthetician for a skin evaluation/analysis and they can help determine if it is part of the normal process or if it is a reaction. If you have questions about your skin care, contact me or stop in at Salmon Valley Aesthetics, I am more than happy to help!