Three main contributors to acne

Of course when you are a teen, young adult, dealing with hormone ups and downs you are prone to acne, but acne can happen to anyone at any time and any age. 

There are three main contributors to acne. Oil, Bacteria and Dead skin cells/buildup. Just because these three concerns are being addressed this does not mean diet, hormones, environment, stress, etc are not also to be considered.

1. Oil. You may have an excess in oil genetically, because of hormones, diet, etc or because you have under moisturized causing more oils to be produced. To keep the oils under control you can use ingredients like Salycilic, sulfur, kaolin clay, tea tree oil, etc. These ingredients will help remove excess oils preventing clogged pores. 

2. Bacteria. Bacteria may also be based on genetics, eating habits, hormones, etc. Bacteria cannot survive on the skin if oxygen is present, oxygen treatments are amazing. Ingredients you may look for would be benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, nasturtium, these ingredients help provide oxygen to our skin. 

3. Dead skin cells. The build up on surface or in pores can cause breakouts especially if oil and bacteria is present. You can use chemical or physical exfoliants, with ingredients like glycolic, lactic, enzymes or jojoba beads, they will prevent clogs and speed up your skin cell turnover rate.

Now trying to find out why you may be breaking out should be simple but if you dont address all of the main contributors to your acne you may have a harder time completely ridding yourself of your acne.  If you need help figuring out your WHY to your breakouts, contact me for a consultation and I would be happy to do an in depth consultation and get you in the right direction to healthier and clearer skin!