What is Dermaplaning?

You have probably heard about Dermaplaning, as it is one of the newer forms of physical exfoliation offered with your local Esthetician (like ME). With Dermaplaning we are removing up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells and vellous hair to reveal the newer more youthful skin underneath. Your Esthetician will use a sterile blade to remove the dead skin cells and vellous hair aka "peach fuzz". 

Dermaplaning is great for most skin types. If you have a lot of "terminal hairs" it may not be ideal (but we can work around those hairs). *Terminal hairs meaning that they are dark and thicker/coarse instead of light and fluffy like the vellous hair is. ALSO if you have active acne you may want to wait, you will not want to spread bacteria or overstimulate your oil glands. However, again, we can work around it. . It would be most worth your time for us to clear up your acne and then do dermaplaning to keep bacteria from being trapped in the dead skin/vellous hair to prevent further breakout. 

Getting Dermaplaned will allow for deeper product penetration, often times you may want to add a chemical peel or ultrasonic treatment to the treatment for accelerated benefits. Taking off the vellous hair will also help keep dirt and excessive oils from getting trapped and causing breakouts. Your skin will feel so smooth and bright. This is a great alternative to microdermabrasion with no downtime!

Dermaplaning results can last around 3-4 weeks. IF your ready to see if this is right for you, call me to schedule a consultation at Salmon Valley Aesthetics.