This, my friends, is SUPREME oxygen therapy.

This will help prevent malfunction of the mitochondria and cell death, it is essential for fibroblast cells to produce collagen AND can increase circulation to prevent weakened capillaries from forming.

This treatment will aid in the removal of toxins, waste, and cellular debris. It will assist in lymphatic drainage. It will often cause a “plasmatic effect” by bringing oxygenated blood to the cells and assist in providing an environment for optimal skin funtioning.

Using nerve endings, sensory receptors and ganglia, the enzymes act as a hormone-like message to stimulate a response at the dermal level. Enzymes do not penetrate the dermis, they activate it!

Enzyme treatments are for all skin conditions and skin age! You will be hooked on this treatment, you cant just have one!!

tissue strengthening.jpg

Tissue Strengthening

This treatment has the same benefit as the enzyme treatment BUT also works the circulatory system, causes muscular contraction, builds and regenerates muscle tissue, and strengthens, firms and stimulates collagen production.


Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding (also known as liquid microcurrent) is a combination of the above two treatments with the ability to LIFT, TIGHTEN, FIRM and STRENGTHEN loose, saggy, aging skin!

This is done for the face, neck and decollete.

Muscle banding is done in a series for the best results, often with visible results after just one!


DMK Home Prescriptives

DMK home prescriptives are an essential part of the DMK Skin Revision Program.

These products re-educate the skin to the most optimal level. They work with the internal function and structure of the skin.

The ingredients are the most pure, plant based, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Made in an FDA approved lab in the USA.

These formulas will extend the progress of your in clinic treatments and they are formulated for transdermal delivery, meaning that they will hang out in the voids of your skin and be used as needed for up to 8 hours!

To learn more (because you know you want to), schedule a free consultation to find out what DMK treatments and home prescriptives can do for you! Together we can get your skin functioning at the most OPTIMAL level.


Enzyme Treatment (including one month of home care) $280

Enzyme Treatment $160

Tissue Strengthening $190

Muscle Banding $220

Body Enzyme starting at $150

Body Sculpting

Medi Pedi Treatment $45