Services and Treatments are paid at the time of service. I do accept local checks, cards and cash.

When you come in for a treatment/service, you are paying for that treatment or service and not the results you are hoping to see. I will do my absolute best with the knowledge I have to accomplish the goals you have with your skin, brows, lashes, etc. I can not guarantee results. I can, however, guarantee that I will do the best that I can with my tools/ knowledge to get you to those goals/ results that you are wanting.

Cancellations, no shows, rescheduling.

If you are 15 minutes late, we will need to reschedule your appointment OR you can continue with the appointment, with less time at the same full price.

If you do NOT show up AKA “no show”, you will be charged a fee. I will attach the fee to your future service or I will invoice you. “No shows” are when you do not show up, miss your appointment, dont want to come in for your appointment, ignore texts/calls, you do not call/text, you leave me sitting there while probably paying someone to watch my kids (:

If you are planning on not showing up, wanting to cancel, wanting to stay home with your sick child, wanting to be lazy instead of coming in for your appointment, have some work to do, have company coming up last minute, PLEASE give me 24 hours notice so I can fill your appointment with someone else.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be paid in person or through an invoice to your email.

Gift Certificates have NO cash value. They can however be used for a different service than originally purchased for. Gift certificates are non refundable.

If it is a gift certificate for a service/treatment, it can be used for a different service/treatment at equal or less amount. If it was a gift certificate for product, it could be used for a service instead if your heart desires.