The best place to start is a Skin Consultation!

During a skin care consultation there are a few things that we will be doing. Ill break it down for you! 1. I will be addressing your concerns and the concerns that I have about your skin, we will find a balance for both. You may not know certain things that I point out about your skin, that's normal, its what I'm here for. You will fill out a client analysis chart, which will be used as a base line and reference point for the future.

I will then ask you a long list of personal questions (you have the choice to share). Questions like: Eating habits, hygiene habits, lifestyle choices, activity levels, if you have had help with your skin (esthetician, dermatologist, home care) questions about hormones and your cycle (yes personal).. These questions will help me determine best course of action in the grand scheme of things, I don't want to just treat the surface, we want to also work on preventative care. If anything comes up that I would be worried about, I may refer you to a specialist (dermatologist or primary care physician). 

After we get through paperwork and questions about your goals for your skin, I will do a hands on skin analysis. I will get a better idea of any problem areas and skin condition. Then I will be able to come up with a PLAN. 

I will then be able to recommend home care and if you would like to start treatments for any skin concerns I will also come up with a treatment plan. We will be analyzing the skin and frequently checking your initial analysis forms to see where we are making progress.